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The 3D pain monitoring product from Brunel University reduces the cost of caring for patients suffering significant pain whilst improving their overall quality of life. It does this by replacing the current 2 dimensional paper based pain indication methods during consultations with a system that records patients' self-reported pain profile over time, away from the clinic. The data collected by the patient is reviewed by clinicians remotely or very efficiently during their appointment. This reduces clinician/patient exposure time and increases the accuracy of determining prescription, saving significant costs and increasing the number of patients seen during clinics. Moreover, the product allows patients to become stakeholders in the management of their pain, reinforcing links between activities undertaken and medication intake and the nature and location of pain experienced.


Main Features

  • 3-dimensional view of human body, providing an intuitive user interface, which can be manipulated (rotated, dragged, zoomed) so that patient can indicate precise location, type, and intensity of pain
  • Fine-grained location - the location of pain can be indicated with increased accuracy (e.g. fingertips only, joints, etc)
  • Remote monitoring and management of pain "anytime/anywhere" with data upload to a clinical database
  • Pain can be indicated on Seated/Standing/Lying/Walking mannequins
  • Allows a non-verbal way of identifying location and type of pain
  • Allows for better pacing of medication intake, with possibility of reduction in overall medication
  • Data can be entered on a PC or Smartphone, through an app
  • Multimodal input in the developed Android app



  • Remote management and monitoring of effectiveness of pain treatments
  • Monitoring of effectiveness of drug treatments, e.g. palliative care, on patients
  • Pain diaries, allowing for a better understanding of how pain varies in time
  • Management of pain and painful conditions by patients
  • Applications requiring a graphical depiction of body surface conditions, e.g. burns, rashes



Working prototype system developed and end user tested


IP status

Available for licensing



Demonstration of system available



The application has been developed for both Windows as well as Android platforms. Users have the ability to input pain information through a variation of ways, including text boxes for comments and additional information, and check lists/combo boxes for predefined answer selections. Finally, pain intensity is inputted for a particular region of the body via a Visual Analogue Scale (scroll bar) ranging from 0-9 (0-no pain; 9- worst pain you can imagine).


System Requirements:

 - Windows NT or Windows 7 platforms

 - Smartphone: Android 2.3 or above, or Windows Mobile 6.5







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